"Nouvelle Cuisine" - Tribute Charity Dinner at Clove Lane

"Work as if you are going to live until you're 100 and live as if you're going to die tomorrow."

Paul Bocuse, 11 Feb 1926 - 20 Jan 2018

When you dine with us you will likely notice the framed photograph of a french chef taking prominence - it’s Paul Bocuse - keeping a close eye on our kitchen team. The “Chef of a Century” is not only an honour bestowed by journalists around the world, he appears as one of our chefs great role models: “he made many contributions to modern gastronomy with an emphasis on fresh ingredients of the highest quality” says head chef Michael Tran. Monsieur Paul’s creations were always fine, authentic, seasonal and regional - attributes that also describe our daily changing menu.

Bocuse changed the modern cuisine like no one else in the almost 50 years of his culinary career and we want to honour him with a flight of fancy dinner to keep his legacy alive.

Our Tribute Charity Dinner will take place as a collaboration with Matthew Butcher who was cooking beside Gordon Ramsay, Shannon Bennett and Ryan Clift. His impressive career stems from a love of family and food.

Half of your contribution of $150pp for the 5 course “Nouvelle Cuisine” dinner proceeds to go to Camp Quality. The organisation “gives kids facing cancer the chance to be kids again, with services and programs designed to help change the cancer story: in hospital, at home, at school or away from it all”.

Paul Bocuse Tribute Charity Dinner
Emile Avramides